The Why Behind ThinkWhy

People inspire us. ThinkWhy began with a mission to change lives by helping create value and meaning in the workplace. It's the driver behind everything we do.

The Beginning

We are on a mission to help companies structure and scale their compensation strategy.

To transform SaaS in the labor market, we imagined a platform where current, accurate compensation and labor market information is accessible, actionable and provided real answers for today's evolving workforce.

Our leaders, engineers and data scientists went to work to develop AI-driven solutions that deliver the answers HR and talent acquisition professionals need to drive talent and compensation decisions.

LaborIQ® eliminates the guesswork with unmatched visibility into talent costs and employment conditions across the U.S. through an intuitive talent ecosystem.

Meet the Team

A seasoned team at the helm. We believe that how we work together to create a superior product and world-class culture matters for improving lives.

Ron Johnsey


Claudine Zachara

President & COO

Jay Denton

Chief Analytics Officer

Stephanie McCleskey

SVP, Revenue Operations

Cristian Rivera

Director, Technology

Mallory C. Vachon, Ph.D.

Senior Economist

Bridget Arnott

Head of Marketing

Levin Corbin

Director, Client Success

Adam Dowswell

Principal, Strategic Partnerships

Mandi Dundas

Director, Customer & Digital Experience

Executive Advisory Board

The best and brightest in their fields advise our leaders.

Keith Walters

Business Growth Expert

Susan Thomas

Brand & Investor Strategy

Jim D'Amico

Global Talent Acquisition Leader

Dr. Marianne Wanamaker

U.S. Labor Economist

Dr. Sam Chandan

Economist, University Dean

Dr. Tara Behrend

Industrial Psychology

Bart McCollum

Business Operations Leader

Kimberley Suter

Recruiting & Talent Leadership

David Kramer

Senior Technology Advisor

Our Values

Our core values are the foundation for who we are and how we choose to work with each other, our clients and our community.



People inspire us. We are passionate about great company culture and are here to share it with the world. We exhibit this in all we do.


We see the value in new experiences and opportunities to learn and maintain effectiveness in a changing environment.


We put aside our fears of failure and attempt things for which no prior experience has yet prepared us. We are courageous as we navigate volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations.


We keep our word to our clients, colleagues and company, and hold ourselves accountable to all resources and deliverables.


We leave no one behind and understand the value of finding people to help us through life. We respect and care for everyone.

Do you know your WHY?

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