Director of Data Services

Full-time ∙ ThinkWhy Corporate Office | Dallas, TX

As an experienced data practitioner, you will have a thorough understanding of the machine learning product lifecycle and bring that understanding to evaluate our existing data pipeline and design a clear and successful strategy to add advanced product features.

You must have in your arsenal innovative problem-solving abilities and be able to work efficiently within a team framework towards the company’s vision. Under the guidance of technical leadership, you will be able to meet the deadlines following requirements from user stories and other architectural artefacts. You are adept in following test-driven development practices ensuring the highest standards of code quality and lowest defect rate in the industry and proudly wear this as a badge of honor. The outcome of the data models you lead will inspire trust in our users that we are the global standard above all others and our team is the domain experts in developing what they need to succeed.

You are a curious nature, a lifelong learner, adept at quickly learning new technologies, techniques, and methodologies in order to solve problems that others run from. Your focus will be to build data models through product requirements in order to gain a substantial competitive advantage for our company.

This role requires quick thinking, ability to solve problems, and meticulous attention to detail.


• Understand the company culture and mission, the industry we serve and help us overcome difficult challenges with elegant solutions
• Direct the rest of the technical team to ensure that our solutions enable our internal teams to be efficient in serving our customers and integrating with our key vendors across our financial systems, our CRM systems, and our integration with analytics and business intelligence platforms.
• Bring new ideas to the team that can improve our efficiency and accelerate the realization of our vision.
• Attention to detail that will ensure we produce a client experience through data that is both amazing and award winning for our industry.
• Own all data science models and products end-to-end.
• Gather product requirements and build a roadmap to develop and implement machine learning solutions to meet the demands of our product roadmap.
• Lead the definition, build, evaluation and operationalization of machine learning solutions.
• Define tests to evaluate accuracy of data solutions and formalize the process.
• Clearly communicate deliverables and timelines for POCs, scale-up and implementation to technical and business leadership.
• Anticipate and address downstream problems with scaling and operationalizing solutions.
• Implement Data Management and Governance processes applicable to the entire data pipeline.
• Collaborate with other product and platform owners for successful product enhancements.


• Advanced degree in a quantitative field or equivalent experience
• Experience in building and successfully launching data products based on machine learning
• Detailed understanding of natural language processing and advanced tree-based algorithms
• Experience with machine learning feature engineering
• Data engineering experience across multiple platforms and tools
• Good understanding of business and technical concepts and ability to communicate clearly with the business and technical community
• Understand microservices-oriented architectures with elastic scalability and integrated cybersecurity enabling “edge” services frameworks that can be continuously updated in a totally automated fashion
• Comfortable with R or Python and above average understanding of computer programming as a discipline
• Understanding of macroeconomics, the US labor market and related concepts is highly desired
• Experience with identifying and acquiring external data sets to augment core data assets
• Crave the challenge to assist in troubleshooting problems that influence the growth of a thriving company
• Possess the ability to learn new technologies and languages on the job as needed to solve problems as they arise
• Demonstrate curiosity, creativity, drive for excellence and attention to detail
• Are deadline-driven and possess confidence, patience and flexibility in an evolving environment
• Have hands-on working knowledge of AWS serverless architectures utilizing Amazon’s AWS stack: Cloud front, Lambda, S3, Route 53, Cognito, CloudFormation, Aurora, Athena, Glue, Step Functions

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