Full Stack Developer

Full-Time ∙ Dallas, TX


ThinkWhy seeks a talented, resourceful, and self-motivated individual to join us as a key member of the Product Development Team. The ideal candidate should be comfortable adapting to challenges within an open, fluid, growth environment.

You will work on the market leading LaborIQ SaaS platform, which was designed to disrupt HR Tech, and change the way companies manage talent and compensation strategy.


As a Full Stack Developer, you are a cornerstone of ThinkWhy’s product development team with responsibility for ensuring the on-time delivery of high-quality application functionality for the ThinkWhy platform. Reporting to the Director of Technology and working beside the product management teams, you will help us guarantee that we can predictably deliver features in an organized and consistent fashion.

You possess innovative problem-solving abilities and be able to work independently towards the company’s goals without step-by-step instructions. You must be effective in the ability to estimate your work efficiently from user stories and work seamlessly with your scrum master (product owner) gather additional details as needed to ensure estimates are accurate. You will follow test-driven development practices ensuring the highest standards of code quality and lowest defect rate in the industry. You will help deliver fearless innovation that inspires trust in our users.

You see yourself as a life-long learner, adapt quickly, learn innovative technologies, techniques, and methodologies. This role requires attention to detail and accuracy, and the ability to find solutions to solve complex coding problems.


  • Become expert in the LaborIQ platform and its code.
  • Understand the industry we serve and how to overcome challenges with elegant solutions.
  • Ensure our solutions enable our internal teams to be efficient in serving our clients and integrate with our key vendors to simplify how we manage our billing and customer management across our financial systems, our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, and analytics and business intelligence platforms.
  • Work collaboratively with scrum master and product management to understand our customers’ needs and how we can ensure the client experience is award-winning for our industry.
  • Debug, develop and maintain our application’s code bases, and implement best practices for code reliability and quality control.
  • Deliver unit testing coverage that continuously reduces the code defect rate and enables efficient end to end testing.
  • Actively participate in our peer code-review process to guard ThinkWhy’s code standards.
  • Stay current on Angular frameworks and how to provide a highly performant client web application experiences.
  • Maintain understanding of scalable Node.js development practices ensuring efficient memory and state management for enterprise scale middle ware applications.


  • 5+ years relevant experience in development, continuous integration and deployment of Node.JS / Angular applications and associated APIs.
  • Experience serverless architecture on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud infrastructure.
  • Experienced in the factors for architecting and developing micro services-oriented solutions with elastic scalability and integrated cybersecurity frameworks that can be continuously updated in an automated fashion.
  • Crave the challenge to solve complex problems that influence the growth of a thriving company
  • Possess the ability to learn modern technologies and languages on the job as needed to solve problems as they arise
  • Demonstrate curiosity, creativity, drive for excellence and attention to detail
  • Possess confidence, patience, and flexibility in an evolving environment
  • Have proven organizational management skills, and an organized writing style, and are independent and deadline-driven.
  • Have hands-on working knowledge in the use of relational and non-relational data management systems and Bigdata structures
  • Have a hands-on working knowledge of deploying AWS serverless architectures and utilizing AWS amplify for deployment of services.


  • Immerse yourself in the ThinkWhy platform and understand key business concepts and application architectures.
  • Understand current platform architecture and working principles to sufficiently communicate with the team on key concepts and areas to focus on for improvement.
  • Collaborate with the product management team to define a well-organized product road map that permits resources to be meticulously organized and aligned for sizing, development, and deployment.

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