Scrum Master

Full-Time ∙ Dallas, TX

ThinkWhy seeks a talented, resourceful, and self-motivated individual to join us as a key member of the Product Development Team. The ideal candidate should be comfortable adapting to challenges within an open, fluid, fast-growth environment and bring an energetic and creative approach to his or her work, spanning high-level strategy as well as in-the-trenches execution. This person should be passionate about transforming the way businesses and people interact during the career search process and spanning the life of a person’s career.

Your team will ensure our market leading LaborIQ platform will disrupt the way job seekers and employers look at the process of identifying and managing talent that matches their companies needs using advanced AI and ML (Machine Learning) capabilities that amaze the market in its accuracy and elegance.


As a Scrum Master, you will be a cornerstone of the ThinkWhy product development team with responsibility for ensuring the on-time and high-quality delivery of application functionality for the ThinkWhy platform. Working for the Director of Software Development and alongside the Product Development and Product management teams, you will ensure that you and your team of developers can predictably deliver features in an organized and consistent fashion.

You must have in your arsenal well-developed organizational and team management abilities and be able to work independently towards the company’s mission without step-by-step instructions. You must lead the team in the ability to define done and organize work into effective work units and ensure the team remains unblocked through the development cycle. You will lead the team in following agile practices aligned with our software development lifecycle. You will measure and drive improvements to team execution ensuring the highest standards of code quality and lowest defect rate in the industry and proudly wear this as a badge of honor at speaking engagements amongst your peers. You will drive fearless planning and execution that inspires trust in our users that we are the global standard.

You and your team will be lifelong learners, adept at quickly learning modern technologies, techniques and methodologies to solve problems that others run from, creating substantial competitive advantage for our company and its products.

This role requires quick action, data-driven improvements, and meticulous attention to detail.


  • Understand the industry we serve and how to overcome difficult challenges with elegant solutions

  • Drive cross-functional self-managing style of development and quality management

  • Remove barriers between stakeholders and scrum teams

  • Guide stakeholders in understanding and enacting an empirical approach for complex work.

  • Drive implementation of effective Product Goal definition and Product Backlog Management

  • Schedule and manage scrum planning and daily team calls, including onshore and offshore teams

  • Drive continuous improvement through coaching and mentoring of scrum practices and reporting to scrum team on delivery effectiveness


  • 5+ Years' experience as a scrum master for complex development projects

  • Demonstrate curiosity, creativity, a drive for excellence and attention to detail

  • Possess confidence, patience and flexibility in an evolving environment

  • Have proven organizational management skills, organized writing style, independent and deadline-driven. 

  • Have hands-on working knowledge in the use of Kanban methodologies within agile project management and associated metrics management for lead time, cycle time and WIP

  • Excellent project-management skills in technology product delivery

  • Experience with continuous integration and continuous delivery methodologies in a cloud SaaS environment

  • Experience with test-driven development design practices

  • Experience participating in rapid prototyping

  • Ability to work with developers to breakdown complex work into proper user stories and spikes

  • Ability to ensure project timelines are accurate and work items for projects are estimated and properly defined to ensure predictable outcomes

  • 2+ years’ experience with Jira/Confluence and managing proper flow of documentation creation and Jira work item creation (epics, stories, bugs, etc.)

  • Observable and proven ability to adapt quickly to changes in Product Goals while maintaining project schedules


  • Immerse yourself in the ThinkWhy platform and understand key business concepts and application architectures.

  • Understand current platform architecture and working principles to sufficiently communicate with the team on key concepts and areas to focus on for improvement.

  • Collaborate with product management team to define a well-organized product roadmap that permits resources to be meticulously organized and aligned for sizing, development and deployment.

  • Develop and deploy team effectiveness reporting against key Kanban metrics

  • Organize/curate current backlog into proper work items assigned to epics and releases

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