How It Works

Precise Compensation Answers. Distinguishing Support.

LaborIQ answers the where, when and how much for strategic hiring and compensation decisions.

Compensation Answers

Compete for talent and win. Precise annual and variable compensation answers and talent supply forecasts.

20,000 Job Titles All U.S. Cities and Industries

Instantly find market-driven compensation recommendations by location, experience, industry and company size.

Customize variable pay incentives for your unique job. Add or select job responsibilities and hard and soft skills for each role.

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Salary Benchmarking

Compare talent costs against the market and across roles to strategically advise on headcount savings and identify retention risks.

Use our quick uploader for team benchmarking or compare an individual at a time.

LaborIQ makes it easy to know what competitors are willing to pay candidates to win.

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Talent Market Intelligence

We bring together employment and diversity data, workforce trends and recovery forecasts in an elegant flow and format.

It's your holistic view of the job market in one, intuitive platform.

With each data point, you'll get insights from our experts for a unique perspective on talent and business planning.

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Personalized Dashboards

Save and customize any view. For quick access at any time.

Easily create dynamic dashboards to track critical metrics to your business and break down the data how you need to see it.

Share dashboards with assigned users or across your organization.

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