How It Works

As organizations focus on a people-first strategy, it’s more important than ever to know how your metro is performing and the salary demands that come with it.

Get the business intelligence to guide your organization in any business climate.

Metro Performance

We bring together employment data, workforce trends and recovery forecasts in an easy-to understand flow and format. It's your holistic view of the labor market in one, intuitive platform - making you the labor market expert.

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Salary Answers

In just three clicks, you'll see salary ranges, recommendations and forecasts for over 19,000 modern job titles.

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Labor & Salary Benchmarking

Upload individuals or teams to compare talent costs against the market, total cost to correct and analyze where there may be retention risks.

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Personalized Dashboards

LaborIQ enables you to quickly and easily create dynamic dashboards to track critical metrics to your business and break down the data how you need to see it.

Share dashboards with assigned users or across your organization.

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