Market intelligence to build your pipeline, faster.

  • Inform HR and talent strategies: D&I and sourcing locations

  • Pinpoint where to focus recruitment marketing for qualified talent

  • Impress executives and clients with your industry expertise

  • Identify growing markets and industries for new business opportunities

ThinkWhy aggregates monthly labor data to provide you with the most current employment conditions, performance indicators, and growth opportunities.

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An industry-first solution delivering instant, market-driven compensation answers for over 20,000 jobs, giving users the ability to uniquely customize a competitive comp package for each job title.

  • Add your variable compensation details and create job profiles with skills and responsibilities reflective of your unique requirements

  • Compare salaries by job, location and industry for strategic remote hiring

  • Accurately plan and forecast talent costs across U.S. locations and industries

  • Leverage LaborIQ Mobile for fast salary data and reports, from wherever you are

Powered by our proprietary ATILA Technology

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Reduce turnover with LaborIQ's benchmarking toolkit.

Compare salaries across individuals and teams and learn market value for each role.

  • Benchmark an individual or full teams against market-driven compensation rates

  • Analyze salaries by experience, education and company size to identify pay gaps

  • Determine which employees are under or overpaid to get ahead of turnover risks

  • Plan for the future with salary and supply forecasts by job and location

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Customize your data and insights into a dashboard for quick, easy access - anytime.

  • Manage your data, reports and visualizations to fit your needs

  • Organize your way to hone in on exactly what you need, when you need it

  • Share salary reports and employment conditions across users in your organization

  • Save and download unlimited reports. Use your branding or ours

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