Location & Industry Performance

LaborIQ provides the answers, making you the expert to guide clients and candidates to their next opportunities.

With LaborIQ, you can:

  • Gain insight top-performing markets and industries to identify where to expand your business development initiatives.

  • Identify cost-effective locations to recruit remote or non-traditional workers.

  • Broaden talent searches in an ever-changing, remote workforce.

  • Know where client and pipeline-growth opportunities are now - and in the future.

ThinkWhy aggregates monthly labor data to provide you with the most current employment conditions, performance indicators, and growth and business-expansion opportunities.

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Salary Answers

Salary ranges can change with movement in location and industry performance.

LaborIQ enables you to determine the right pay, at the right time with AI-driven technology.

With LaborIQ, you can:

  • Access competitive salary recommendations to streamline job offers and hiring.

  • Compare salaries by job title across locations for remote hiring.

  • Accurately plan and forecast talent costs across metros and industry.

  • Leverage LaborIQ Mobile for fast salary answers - from wherever you are.

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Individual & Team Benchmarking

Know what the market is willing to pay to compete for talent and win, with competitive salary ranges for each position.

With LaborIQ, you can:

  • Compare any job against market compensation rates.

  • Expedite job offers and hiring with salary comparisons across jobs.

  • Easily develop compensation plans across an array of positions, locations and industries.

  • Analyze salaries by years of experience, organization size or level.

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Personalized Dashboards

Customize multiple views into a dashboard for quick, easy access - anytime.

With LaborIQ, you can:

  • Easily organize and manage your salary searches to fit your needs.

  • Share salary reports and data views with individuals and teams in your organization.

  • Save and download unlimited reports.

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