LaborIQ™ empowers you with the right answers to win talent and grow your business.

All Locations. All Industries. All Roles. All Salaries.


Let's see what LaborIQ can do for you.

We’re excited to show you everything you can do with the power of advanced machine learning and salary data validated against 80M data points and across 400,000 company payrolls.

Whether you need precise market-driven salary recommendations or to find emerging talent supply locations, LaborIQ provides the answers. Need to identify business-growth opportunities? We do that, too.

Why LaborIQ?

The answers to your most pressing talent acquisition, hiring and salary questions - everything from market-driven salary demands to predicting talent supply to finding qualified talent pools - are found in one, intuitive application.

Data-Driven Recruiting & Growth Planning

LaborIQ is built to evolve with your recruiting, placement and salary data needs.

The standards for recruiting and placing talent have changed. Roles involved with talent searches, salary negotiations and employee placement are focused on people-first strategy.

Along with the shift in how recruiting is done, employee expectations have fundamentally changed in our new world of remote workers.

With LaborIQ, it is easy to match market conditions with salary demands and make strategic talent and pay decisions.