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Define Your Talent Strategy

With a full analysis of market drivers, supply and demand and compensation rates in one system, you gain complete visibility into your talent market.

Built With You In Mind

Strengthen your position in the labor market with a modern, easy way to understand employment data and the impact to your industry, business and compensation strategy.


Know how much to pay employees to be competitive in your market and to accurately budget for roles in your organization.


Compare salary bands against your market to pay competitively and win talent.


Set departmental personnel budgets with real-market salary data and recommendations based on supply and demand within your market.


Identify talent supply in your market and compare to the demand for specific occupations - for the next six years.

Get college and university graduation rates by degree type to align with hiring needs.


Strategically advise your organization with visibility into the drivers that influence compensation by role, industry and location.

Easy Access. Quick Answers.

LaborIQ enables you to forecast labor costs in your market and industry for accurate budgeting and business planning.

Roles involved with talent planning, budgeting and employee retention are on a path toward people-first strategy. Along with shifts in business and economic climates, employee expectations have fundamentally changed.

With LaborIQ, it is easy to align current market conditions with today's compensation rates and talent strategies.

Why Companies Trust


LaborIQ has enhanced my clients’ hiring strategies now that we can get the data behind what drives salary demands, and how pay ranges will change in the future. We identified where they could have overpaid for talent in other markets, saving overhead costs in the long run.

Krystal Yates, Founder

EBR Consulting

With LaborIQ’s salary recommendations and market analysis, I was able to identify new markets to acquire talent and instill confidence in our hiring managers that we will be able to staff her teams successfully with top talent. And, we know we can keep our best employees as a top-paying employer.

Jennifer Telfer, Talent Acquisition Manager


LaborIQ has set us apart from other recruitment firms. With the employment forecasts by industry and location, we're able to determine growth and expansion areas for our business. Plus, we now have the tools and reporting to strategically guide our clients with accurate compensation data, helping properly budget for current and future positions.

Jolene Risch, President

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