Market Intelligence

LaborIQ turns complex data into smart answers, making you the expert to guide talent and business strategies forward.

With LaborIQ, fill your pipeline and grow faster.

  • Inform HR and talent strategies, including D&I and sourcing locations.

  • Identify cost-effective cities to recruit remote or non-traditional workers.

  • Impress executives and clients with your industry expertise.

  • Know which locations and industries are growing to identify new business opportunities.

ThinkWhy aggregates monthly labor data to provide you with the most current employment conditions, performance indicators, and growth opportunities.

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Salary Answers

LaborIQ enables you to determine the right pay, at the right time with AI-driven technology. We do not crowdsource salary data so you get real-time, market-driven salary answers, validated against 3 trillion data points and 400,000 company payrolls.

With LaborIQ, get quick facts to streamline workflows.

  • Access competitive salary recommendations to streamline job offers and hiring.

  • Compare salaries by job title and requirements across locations for remote hiring.

  • Accurately plan and forecast talent costs across U.S. locations and industries.

  • Leverage LaborIQ Mobile for fast salary answers - from wherever you are.

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Salary Benchmarking

Avoid your best talent getting poached.

Know what the market is willing to pay to compete for talent and win. Benchmark salaries based on job title, location, industry, company size and more. With LaborIQ, identify retention risks early:

  • Compare a job, individual or a full team against market-driven compensation rates.

  • Analyze salaries by years of experience, organization size or level and identify pay gaps.

  • Ensure accurate headcount budgets and reduce turnover.

  • Plan for the future with salary and supply forecasts by job title and location.

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Personalized Dashboards

Customize multiple views into a dashboard for quick, easy access - anytime.

With LaborIQ, view the data how you need to see it.

  • Easily organize and manage your salary searches to fit your needs.

  • Hone in on specific job markets, diversity data, and jobs. Access in one touch.

  • Share salary reports and data views with individuals and teams in your organization.

  • Save and download unlimited reports.

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Why Clients Love


LaborIQ has enhanced my clients’ hiring strategies now that we can get the data behind what drives salary demands, and how pay ranges will change in the future. We identified where they could have overpaid for talent, saving overhead costs in the long run.

Krystal Yates, Founder

EBR Consulting

With LaborIQ’s salary recommendations and market analysis, I was able to identify new markets for talent acquisition and instill confidence in one of our hiring managers that we would be able to staff her team successfully with top talent. And, we know we can KEEP top talent after identifying we are a top-paying employer.

Jennifer Telfer, Talent Acquisition Manager


With LaborIQ’s market analysis, we’ve been able to easily identify economic movement in specific cities and strategically guide our clients’ business operations and location strategies. This has saved both sides a tremendous amount of time and resources.

Ken DeFeo, Sr. Director of Compensation

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