Three Industries Fully Recover to Kick Off 2022

February 7, 2022
Author: Mallory Vachon, Ph.D., Sr. Economist

January’s job gains surpassed expectations, with 467,000 jobs added, despite the omicron surge. Due to the strong performance in January, most major industries added jobs. And while omicron caused a record number of COVID-19 cases and had a big impact on daily life, the labor market proved to be resilient.

National Labor Market Report : Industry Performance & Recovery

Trends to Watch

Three industries recover.

Professional & Business Services, Trade, Transportation & Utilities and Information joined Financial Activities as the first four industries to recover all jobs lost to the pandemic. Combined, these industries are one million jobs above pre-pandemic levels.

Leisure & Hospitality added most jobs.

The industry added 151,000 jobs and remains 1.8 million jobs below pre-pandemic levels. Leisure & Hospitality has been a big leader in job gains, but that’s because it was hit with some of the biggest losses early in the pandemic.

Two industries lose jobs.

Perhaps unsurprisingly due to the seasonal nature of the work, Construction lost 5,000 jobs and Mining & Logging lost 4,000 jobs. While both industries remain just over 100,000 below pre-pandemic levels, Construction employs over 7 million workers, compared to under 600,000 in Mining & Logging. If Construction has a strong spring, it is likely to recover all jobs lost to the pandemic this year.

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