California Jobs Recovery Trails U.S. Average

October 25, 2021
Author: Mallory Vachon, Ph.D., Sr. Economist

California is trailing the U.S. recovery average, but some individual metros are faring better. Tight and long-lasting restrictions have played a role in the slow recovery, but many cities are also facing challenges of migration out of the state, creating more difficulty in sourcing talent.

The magnitude of job losses throughout the Golden State will prolong the timeline for a full recovery, but average earnings have climbed in the past year.

Stockton will recover all jobs in 2021, followed by Fresno, Modesto, Riverside and Sacramento in 2022. Bakersfield, San Diego and San Jose are on target for full recovery in 2023 in sync with the nation as a whole. Industry recovery varies by metro.

California Salary Comparison by City & Job

The salaries highlighted in orange represent the lowest salary for the occupation for the locations listed. These salary recommendations can be a useful tool as you develop your 2022 recruitment and retention strategy. For companies focused on remote work, looking to areas with lower salaries can be a great cost-saving strategy.

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