Top 10 Cities Hiring for Trade, Transportation and Utilities in 2021

January 8, 2021
Author: Glenn Hunter and Jonathan Blair

Talent acquisition professionals in the nation’s biggest population centers should stay busy this year filling jobs at companies specializing in Trade, Transportation and Utilities.

Warehousing and Storage is a subsector that has performed well during the pandemic.

Even with negative employment growth in the latest jobs report, LaborIQ® by ThinkWhy economists predict that this industry – which has fared better than others during the coronavirus pandemic – will continue to grow and create new jobs in 2021. Trade, Transportation and Utilities ended December with the addition of 191,000 jobs.

That’s good news for talent acquisition pros, whether they work for organizations in-house or for third-party recruitment firms.

And it’s especially good news for hiring specialists in the top 10 hiring locations by volume as forecast by LaborIQ: New York; Los Angeles; Chicago; Atlanta; Houston; Dallas; Miami; Philadelphia; Riverside, Calif.; and Boston.

Within the Trade, Transportation and Utilities industry, some subsectors are more likely to enjoy stronger job growth in 2021, while others are apt to be less fortunate.

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In the former category are Couriers and Messengers, which provide intercity and/or local delivery of parcels and documents, and Warehousing and Storage, whose businesses operate warehouse and storage facilities for the likes of general merchandise and refrigerated foods.

Both niches have maintained or actually grown their employment levels during the pandemic, and it’s likely that trend will continue. The pandemic has led to brisk business for Couriers and Messengers, as the demand for online shopping has surged. Similarly, strong demand for delivered goods has caused businesses to increase their reliance on Warehousing and Storage facilities.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are those subsectors that experienced a steeper percentage of job cuts in 2020. They include Air Transportation, involving the transportation of passengers and/or cargo via airplane or helicopter; Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation, including urban transit systems and interurban bus transportation; and Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation for recreation and entertainment.

A resumption of travel and tourism will be key to the recovery of these niches, as more bookings and revenue growth will drive hiring.

Although the most recent stimulus measure may prevent further workforce reductions at airlines, the airlines may also become more reliant on leisure travel than on business travel, which has been greatly reduced. Tourism in general has dried up, though, and people are avoiding the close quarters these subsectors require. Until a COVID-19 vaccine is widely distributed, it is unlikely that these businesses will see a resumption of robust activity.

LaborIQ by ThinkWhy reports, forecasts and advises on employment conditions and the impact to jobs, industries and businesses across all U.S. cities.