Smaller Colleges Are Quietly Producing Big Talent

September 25, 2019
Author: Stephanie Ludwigsen

When you think of educational institutions that lead to impressive post-graduate work, well-known universities and Ivy League schools are usually what come to mind.

However, sometimes smaller is better.

From bachelor’s degrees that lead to paychecks rivaling director-level salaries, to schools with the best return on investment, here are some of the highest-ranked smaller schools that offer the promise of talent excellence.

Smaller Schools Offering Impressive Talent to Companies

From the Alumni Front Lines

According to alumni data, here are the top four schools producing high-level talent which, in turn, has earned graduates high-paying jobs:

  • Harvey Mudd College turns out impressive engineering and liberal arts students. Graduates earn average annual salaries of $103,000.
  • Samuel Merritt University has healthcare graduates that are in high demand. Graduates earn average annual salaries of $96,000, and most are typically recruited directly from the school.
  • United States Naval Academy has the fourth highest ranked engineering school and is the number one ranked public school in the country. Graduates earn average annual salaries of $112,000.
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is known for its research and engineering. Students have an impressive 3 to 1 faculty to student ratio. Graduates earn average annual salaries of $108,000.

Lesser-Known Schools

While larger firms recruit from prestigious universities, there are many smaller schools with well-equipped graduates who are ready to work. These smaller schools will undoubtedly have less competition amongst recruiting companies.

Best Return on Educational Investment

The majority of small schools listed in alumni data are private, which corresponds to higher tuition and possibly higher student debt. Increasing concernes over post-college debt has prompted research organization BestColleges to compile its list of the best schools for return on investment.

These public schools will arm students with not only a solid education, but also the ability to start careers with reduced debt stress.

Companies looking to recruit directly from universities should not discount smaller area schools to find a high supply of talent. Whether private or public, there are quite a few smaller and more specialized schools prepping students for robust careers.