Expand Talent Reach and Fill the Candidate Pipeline

August 14, 2020
Author: ThinkWhy Communications

With access to the right software, one Talent Acquisition Manager was able to more than double the number of qualified applicants in her pipeline and filled a role more quickly by exploring new talent pool locations. The following is a recap of how a LaborIQ user was able to streamline her results.

A Talent Acquisition Manager was able to dramatically improve her talent pipeline and retention efforts with LaborIQ by ThinkWhy.

A Talent Acquisition Manager at a 250+ person, fast-growing company used LaborIQ to address talent shortages and identify new talent locations to fill roles faster, thereby reducing the stress of the organizations hiring managers who need more talent resources.

The firm had recently experienced a severe decline in their number of job applicants and needed to quickly find the right talent, at the right salary, in anticipation of the busiest season.

The Talent Acquisition Manager utilized LaborIQ to build a Salary Answers view for the firm’s specific job title and requirements to identify markets where:

  • She already has someone in the state employed, thereby saving time and resources for HR and Finance teams.
  • The location showed a surplus of talent in the field that aligned with their hiring need.
  • Their salary offering would be ABOVE market value for the area, making them a top-paying employer.

By identifying and leveraging these key data points, the manager was able to select eight (8) additional markets (beyond where they were currently recruiting) to expand the reach of the firm’s job posting in those markets, which quickly increased their candidate pipeline.

Within 24-hours of posting, 356 job applications were received. As a comparison, her previous (multi-location) posting had only garnered 147 applicants over a 39-day period. Of the 356 new applicants, she invited roughly half to move forward in the process.

She is using this methodology of strategic and targeted hiring for the 50+ open positions that need to be filled in Q3 of this year.

The all-access subscription with LaborIQ delivers the salary and economic performance data to expand location and talent acquisition strategies – for strategic recruiting anywhere in the U.S.

It has been a game changer for our clients.

Having the right tools leads to impressive results. Just like this client, LaborIQ by ThinkWhy can help you overcome a talent shortage by identifying top talent supply locations and win more candidates with competitive salary data and recommendations.

Learn more about LaborIQ by ThinkWhy salary answers or request a demo for a look at how your organization can save on time and talent costs.