Hot Job Spotlight: DevSecOps Engineer

September 21, 2021
Author: ThinkWhy Staff

Positioned squarely at the intersection of application development, security and IT operations, a DevSecOps Engineer ensures that security and compliance are considered, coded and tested at each step of development, testing and software delivery. In the Dallas metroplex where there is a significant shortage of DevSecOps engineers, LaborIQ recommends a competitive base salary of $126,206, slightly higher than the national recommended base salary and 2.8% higher than the national median salary (half of salaries are higher and half lower).

DevSecOps engineers ensure that security and compliance are considered at each step of development.

More About the DevSecOps Engineer Job

By integrating security into coding and operations at each stage of development, any issues can be fixed with quick turnaround instead of waiting until the end of a project when it would be difficult and more expensive to find and correct early errors. Quick delivery of safe applications on the first complete cycle of development makes for a winning product business model, so the job of DevSecOps Engineer is valuable everywhere computer applications are made.

The complexity of the job across cutting edge technology, tools, procedures and administration makes the DevSecOps Engineer work suitable for someone experienced who has technical post-college certifications that are job specific. The salary will also vary based on the industry and size of company, company revenue and location. The recommended salary for this role in Dallas in the accompanying LaborIQ DevSecOps report is based on a blend of all industries and company sizes.

DevSecOps Engineer Salary Insights

Due to current demand and a significant shortage of DevSecOps engineers in Dallas, employers will find that the recommended salary is 2.8% above the national media salary for this role. Some Dallas metro DevSecOps engineers with more experience and in certain industries can earn more than $177,490.

When planning for next year’s compensation, Human Resources (HR) will find it useful to budget for a 1.3% base salary increase for one year out and ongoing steady increases. The base salary for this role has already increased 3.8% compared with the same time last year.

Salaries for DevSecOps engineers are higher in Sacramento, CA; Washington, DC; Seattle; Boulder, CO; and Boston, MA; but lower in Austin, TX at $123,253 for the same level of experience and education.

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What This Means for Talent Acquisition, Recruiting and HR

Talent acquisition professionals should consider recruiting from Austin and other more cost-effective metro areas. For incumbent employees, hiring managers and HR planners should compare incumbent employee salaries to the current market rate and promptly close the gap with additional compensation, rather than waiting until a scheduled benchmarking date in the future.

Making sure employees know they are appreciated now and paid fairly may help reduce turnover and related costs as well as the challenges of finding a suitable replacement in this tight market where the shortage is forecasted to continue for at least the next five years.

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