Hot Job Spotlight: Hiring a Social Media Manager

August 31, 2021
Author: ThinkWhy Staff

Social media is a powerful marketing and brand-building tool for most organizations. It affects a company’s hiring, reputation, product and service exposure and even social sales, so it’s important to have an experienced, strategic professional overseeing this important work. What does a social media manager earn? What responsibilities does this job cover? LaborIQ® by ThinkWhy provides accurate and timely answers to these questions through expert curation of 18 trillion data points that are validated against 8.6 million company pay stubs twice monthly.

The competitive market rate for a social media manager's salary can vary significantly based on various factors..

Social Media Manager Overview

A social media manager’s main role is to oversee a company’s social media accounts, ensuring they are on brand and message for text and visuals and that the company is responsive. They coordinate with the Marketing Department on the editorial calendar and advertising campaigns to set a social media strategy compatible with business goals. Monitoring SEO and traffic metrics, recommending adjustments for improved results and, depending on the company, the person in this role may also be responsible for social media monitoring, posting and response.

Social Media Manager Compensation

In the Dallas area, a typical employee with the job title of Social Media Manager will have an associate degree (or other 2-year degree) and one to two years of experience. Recruiters and talent acquisition professionals would expect to offer the recommended base salary of $46,916, or in the range of $44,570 and $49,262 depending on the industry, company size and revenue. The supply of social media managers is stable based on demand in this metro area. This salary is 2.3% below the national recommended base salary; a candidate with higher education and more experience could command a premium.

In the linked downloadable compensation report, six metro areas are compared with Dallas: Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Atlanta, San Jose, Raleigh and Salt Lake City. Dallas and Atlanta are the only two metro areas with a recommended competitive salary below the national median (the point where half of these jobs pay more and half less). The other four cities will pay more for this role than the national median.

The city from this comparison set with the lowest recommended base salary for the Social Media Manager job title is $43,997, found in the Atlanta area. Recruiting within this metro area would be the most cost-effective of those compared. . The highest market-rate pay is currently in Raleigh at $59,452. Because social media roles lend themselves to online remote work, talent can be recruited and hired wherever skilled and compatible prospects are available.

The median salary for this role has increased by 2.2% compared with the same time last year. Based on the criteria selected, you can expect to pay slightly more than the current median salary in Dallas to appeal to your job candidates, as salaries will increase 2.5% and talent supply will remain steady through the next four quarters.

Download Your Free Social Media Manager Salary and Job Profile

The report also includes a customizable description of job responsibilities, hard skills and soft skills. In addition to being able to modify these to best fit your particular job opening, the report can be white-labeled with your company name and logo.

Further Considerations

Talent acquisition professionals should carefully choose the specific job title when considering social media hires. For example, the difference in the role of social media manager versus social media specialist affects both job responsibilities and salary. The specialist would be considered a somewhat more technical role.

In the Dallas area, a social media specialist typically requires a bachelor’s degree, one to two years of experience and demands a higher market rate salary to be competitive. For example, you would want to offer $71,362, which is 13.7% higher than the national recommended base salary for a social media specialist.

It is imperative to carefully consider the role envisioned by the hiring manager to select both an appropriate job description and job title. Not only will it affect the market salary but also the successful matching of a candidate with the opportunity for a match that lasts.

LaborIQ simplifies the process of understanding talent supply and accurate market rate compensation across multiple cities to help meet immediate hiring needs and for future workforce planning.

If you are looking for a current recommended salary report for your unique role, we'd be happy to provide a custom LaborIQ report.

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