Top 5 Tech Products to Help Workplace Productivity

August 27, 2019
Author: Tyran Saffold Jr

There are a number of ways to increase work productivity. As technology progresses, c-suites and small business owners should take advantage of streamlining technology that will make your employees’ jobs easier around the clock. Here is a list of five products to increase workplace production.

Best Products to Increase Productivity


Luxafor is perfect for open office environments. When using the same space as coworkers, distractions can keep employees from performing to their potential each day. To help circumvent those interruptions from other coworkers, Luxafor helps communicate without saying a word—and when deadlines are just ahead, a small disruption can push everything off track.

Luxafor connects to your computer via USB cable and can be used to alert your team to your availability by shining a green light for times you are available, to a red light, indicating you are busy. With that, co-workers can see from across the room whether they should approach or wait for a more optimal time. In addition, this product can be synced with another device to automatically shine red or green at certain times each day. Very helpful in minimizing workplace distractions and keeping production at high levels.

Solstice By Mersive Technologies

This company gets it. They understand how difficult it can be to conduct a meeting with multiple presenters. So, to streamline meeting productivity, they created wireless screen sharing for unlimited users.

At the click of a button, the user can easily share content from their screen in any conference room with a television. All devices can be used to mirror their display using Solstice, creating a seamless transition from one presenter to the next. This is a must-have for every business to increase meeting productivity when presentations are involved.

This project management software syncs all project data, ranging from task details to team discussions, and places it in one convenient interface. The thought is to keep visibility between teammates, so they know who is working on what, and what needs to be finished. Cohesiveness is the key to building a strong and successful team and aims to make that challenge easier for all businesses.

Features include personal and public boards for project organization. The program can also create smart notifications for each task, tag team members when necessary, and set deadlines for time-sensitive assignments. The platform also includes built-in messenger tools as well as knowledge bases for better collaboration.

eBeam Smartmarker

The smart marker can capture, share, and stream live notes from any white board surface. In combination with the EBeam Marker App, it uses any standard dry erase marker in a special connective sleeve to capture notes and drawings to a phone, table or computer using Bluetooth.

The marker gives its users the flexibility of joining a meeting remotely, while still being able to display their thoughts and writings to colleagues. The user can also edit, organize, and share whiteboard notes in addition to converting handwriting to digital text. This device is an added benefit for those who are constantly on the go, or have a better time explaining their thought process through pictures or diagrams.


Having all of your passwords in one spot is a convenience that 13.5 million users take advantage of, but that is not the only thing this program offers.

For as little as $4 a month, this company generates a unique password for media accounts, entertainment and bill paying sites. The newly created password makes it easier for the average employee, who struggles with nearly 200 credentials to keep track of. LastPass makes it harder for security breaches while eliminating the hassle and lost time of employees being locked out of their accounts.

LastPass is a secure password manager that stores all your usernames and passwords in one safe place, called a Vault. After your password is saved to the Vault, LastPass will remember it for you. No longer a need for you, or your employees, to lock themselves out of an account and waste valuable time. That alone makes LastPass an ideal password solution for your business.