Top Tech Occupations of the Future

September 1, 2019
Author: Tyran Saffold Jr

With the rapid advancement of automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics, all things tech-related will garner attention for the foreseeable future. Talented individuals graduating from colleges across the country will be hand-selected to contribute to the progression of technological creations. Mainly, to address a potential tech talent shortage in America, university career centers will advise undergraduates on career paths that suit the needs of the workforce.

Top Tech Occupations of Future

Occupations with the Most Growth:

The top 5 tech jobs forecasted to experience the largest growth, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Note: Average pay is for 2018. Expected growth is through 2026.

1. Information Security Analyst

Average annual pay: $98,000
Expected Growth: 28 percent (much faster than average)

2. Software Developer

Average annual pay: $105,000
Expected Growth: 24 percent (much faster than average)

3. Market Research Analyst

Average annual pay: $63,000
Expected Growth: 23 percent (much faster than average)

4. Web Developer

Average annual pay: $69,430
Expected Growth: 15 percent (much faster than average)

5. Database Administrators

Average annual pay: $90,070
Expected Growth: 11 percent (much faster than average)

Occupations in Demand

However, growth is just part of the equation. There will be specific careers in high demand within the tech industry as well. Sectors that specialize in augmented reality, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and big data. Some jobs that tech experts predict will be in high demand from 2020 and beyond are:

• AR/VR Object Designer
• Smart Sensor Engineer
• Behavior Analytics Specialist
• Emotional Intelligence Designer
• 3D Printing Expert
• Big Data Auditor
• Space Habitat Developer
• Quantum Computing Project Manager

When it comes to tech, there is a wealth of options available for college graduates as they prepare for the upcoming changes to the workforce. The futuristic jobs seem to be tailor-made for students who are ready to take their talents, and imaginations, to the next level.