Being a strategic parnter allows you to offer cutting-edge recruiting and talent acquisition software soltuions to your clients.

LaborIQ is built on an entirely cloud-based platform with the most advanced intelligent machine learning known today. The application bridges the gap between the performance of the economy and salary demands by role and location.


LaborIQ by ThinkWhy Advantages

Our unique partner program fosters a community of innovative and like-minded companies who are dedicated to providing industry-leading recruiting, talent acquisition and hiring solutions. By partnering with us, your clients will have access to:

  • Employment reporting and forecasts
  • Talent supply and salary demands by location and industry
  • Compensation benchmarking
  • Customization tools

Partnership Opportunities

LaborIQ offers pre-integrated solutions that can help you to innovate and differentiate from your competition.

Broker Partners

If you offer HR consulting or SMB advisory services, LaborIQ can increase profitability by removing the costs and burdens your clients would otherwise face recruiting and acquiring new talent.

Integration Partners

Seamlessly integrate with LaborIQ to allow customers to access a comprehensive suite of products and services to achieve desired outcomes while generating revenue.