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Why Companies Trust LaborIQ


LaborIQ has enhanced my clients’ hiring strategies now that we can get the data behind what drives salary demands, and how pay ranges will change in the future. We identified where they could have overpaid for talent, saving overhead costs in the long run.

Krystal Yates, Founder
EBR Consulting


With LaborIQ’s salary recommendations and metro analysis, I was able to identify new markets for talent acquisition and instill confidence in one of our hiring managers that we would be able to staff her team successfully with top talent. And, we know we can KEEP top talent after identifying we are a top-paying employer – through LaborIQ by ThinkWhy.

Jennifer Telfer, Talent Acquisition Manager


Since using LaborIQ’s market analysis, we’ve been able to easily identify economic movement in specific metros and strategically guide our clients’ business operations and location strategies. This has saved both sides a tremendous amount of time and resources.

Ken DeFeo, Sr. Director of Compensation
XPO Logisitics

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Know how talent supply and salaries will change in the future

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